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Most books are forgotten on old dusty bookshelves or closets after they're read. Although the content lives on in the hearts of the readers, the physical book is often discarded. At LetterLounge, old classics are lovingly transformed into new objects that help their owners remember the great ideas within them while spurring new creativity through their display. These letters, numbers and symbols make a perfect gift for Weddings, Baby Showers, Mother's Day, Anniversaries, Birthdays, Valentine's Day, Christmas, Teachers, Dads, Grads etc.  Send us your books to make your special one-of-a-kind LetterLounge book letters. We love making your creative ideas come to life.


LetterLounge's shop is located in East Dallas, TX where we began in 2013. LetterLounge is a small, independent, family business founded by Mike Clem. Mike considers himself a craftsman and an artist. He carefully considers each reclaimed book's story as he transforms it into a piece of typographical art. Jim & James both have unique skills that make them both excellent assistants to help Mike keep up with all of the orders. Mike's wonderful wife, Shelly has an eye for unearthing discarded treasures that become LetterLounge products.

Our Artists:



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