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Below is a listing of patterns already found on the vintage book. We also adhere modern patters to books, and those patterns can be found on the next page "Modern Patterns"
1) Use the PATTERN page to identify your desired color and pattern. Each pattern is identified with a number.
2) In the SHOP pages, first click on a book, then enter the number for your pattern in the text box titled "Detail Your Request". Then click "add to cart".
3) Repeat this process for each item. Please provide 2-3 pattern options for each book. Feel free to add general directions or other requests in the text box as well.

Due to demand and subject to current inventory, our best efforts will be made to match your exact request. 
We cannot always guarantee the exact pattern is available. We may contact you to discuss your order if additional options are not provided.


*Ships in 3-5 business days.

**Custom Orders Welcome! Use the "ASK" page or contact us with questions or creative requests.

Green Patterns

Red Patterns

Purple & Pink Patterns

Blue Patterns

Yellow & Orange Patterns

Brown Patterns

Floral Patterns

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